Monday, June 11, 2012

Outlining Ideas for Writing

Our assignment for Teachers Write! for today is to outline a potential project. I know this may sound a bit strange, but I actually had a dream about an idea for a children's book a few weeks ago. I wrote down my idea the morning after, but have not yet tackled the organization. I'm going to start it today, but as Kate Messner says, it's a work in progress!

Update: I started the outline to my book and a lot has already changed from my original vision. I'm starting to experience the extensive research that goes into writing a book. My original idea is science based, so I'm doing lots of research as I go along to make sure the information is accurate and current. I'm worried about posting any of my ideas in a public forum (including my blog), so I'll just tell you that my "work in progress" is a fictional story geared towards Grades 3-5.

I noticed that I've already spent lots of time going back and forth between jotting down my thoughts for each chapter, character, setting, etc. while simultaneously researching. I've definitely exceeded my goal of writing for 15-20 minutes today!

Leaving you with a bucket filling message today!

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